Integral Remote Selfie Disc

Important! Before use, please remove battery tab - see (1.) below

Operating instructions

Selfie Disc - remove protective tab from the battery before usefig 1

Before using the selfie disc

1. Remove battery tab before first use - Using a suitable coin, carefully open the cover of the selfie disc by turning clockwise whilst holding the bottom of the selfie disc. Pull out the tab from underneath the battery; ensure the battery is still installed correctly. (fig 1)
2. Attach string-key ring (if required) - Carefully close cover, match up the hole for the string-key ring and turn anti-clockwise to close. (fig 1)
3. Activate Bluetooth - Turn ON Bluetooth on your device.

Pair your device

4. Put selfie disc in paring mode - Press and hold button on selfie disc for 5 seconds. Release and LED light will flash once.
5. Pair with BR301 on your device - Navigate to the Bluetooth paring settings on your device and select ID BR301 to pair the selfie disc with your device.
6. Open your camera application - You are now ready to use the selfie disc to remote control the camera shutter. Selfie Disc is an App-free device, no additional software (App) required to use on your smartphone/tablet.
7. Reconnecting - If you switch your Bluetooth ON and OFF or if you reboot your device or are out of distance. Wait for 10 seconds. Press the button on the selfie disc and it will re-pair with your device automatically.
8. Paring with another device - Un-pair the connection with BR301 on with the current paired device. Turn OFF the Bluetooth on the previously paired device. Then follow from (1.) above. You can then turn ON Bluetooth on the previously paired device

Please note

9. Power saving mode - The selfie disc will go into power saving mode if not operated for ten minutes. Press the button on the selfie disc to restart.
10. Battery Low - The LED light on the selfie disc will flash continuously. Please change the battery. We recommend a PANASONIC CR 2032 battery or use of an equivalent. Pay attention to polarity, install battery positive (+) side up. Dispose of the old battery within the regulations of your location. Batteries should not be disposed of in household waste.
11. Avoid battery drain - If you are not going to use the Selfie Disc for some time, please remove and safely store the battery. Reinstall battery for use.
12. Using Selfie Disc with an Android device
- Some smartphone manufactures may adapt the Android Camera Module - the Selfie Disc may not function. Please download and use the free 'Google Camera' app from the Google Play store.  If you have problems with 'Google Camera' app not being supported on your device, then you may wish to try the free 'Camera for Android' app which you can download from the Google Play store here.



         Remote control the shutter on your camera app on your tablet or smartphone

         Bluetooth with a range of up to 15m

         Setup in seconds

         No App required

         Compatibility with: iOS 5.0 and above, Android 4.2 and above

         Clicks: up to 20,000

         Battery life in standby mode: 100 days (see 11 above)

         Frequency: 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz

         Operating environment: -10C ~ +40C, Humidity: 10 ~ 90%



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