SDXC Memory Card Guide


WARNING! Please read before using an SDXC card - Risk of data loss!

 1. Read your device manuals
 2. Use the SDXC card in a SDXC compatible device ONLY

 3. Use the SDXC card ONLY in a SDXC compatible reader
 4. Operating Systems that support SDXC memory cards
 5. If in doubt, connect your device using device cable to a suitable PC or Mac

  • ONLY use the SDXC card in a SDXC compatible device. SD and SDHC devices including readers are NOT compatible with SDXC cards
  • Use a SDXC reader to READ the SDXC card in a SDXC compatible PC
  • Data may be lost if a SDXC card is used in an incompatible system


1. Use the SDXC card in a SDXC device ONLY. Please look for the SDXC logo on the device or in the device manual or packaging. Contact the manufacturer of your device if in doubt.

2. Before first use - we recommend that you only FORMAT the SDXC card in your SDXC device (Formatting a card will erase all data).

3. Do NOT use the SDXC card in a SD or SDHC device, including internal and external card readers. Using the SDXC card in a non-SDXC compatible device may cause data loss.

4. If you accidentally insert the SDXC card into a non-SDXC compatible device or PC, the non-compatible device may try and incorrectly format the card. Make sure you cancel the request.

5. If the SDXC card IS formatted in a non-SDXC compatible device data may be lost. (Data may be recoverable by using data recovery software). The SDXC card will need to be formatted in a SDXC device to function correctly.

6. To avoid data loss do NOT remove the SDXC card from your device whilst the card is being accessed.

7. Use a SDXC card reader to READ the card.

8. SDXC cards use the exFAT format. You may need to update the operating system on your PC to recognise the SDXC card and the exFAT file system used by SDXC cards.

Windows 7, Windows 8
Windows Vista Windows XP
Mac OS
Supported - no update required, use with SDXC compatible reader Update to SP1 or later. Use SDXC compatible reader.
Update to SP2 or later, then apply Microsoft update (KB955704) see (9) Use with SXDC compatible reader. Supported by Mac OS X 10.6.4 with latest updates.
exFAT supported from OS X 10.6.5 .Please consult your supplier. Use with SDXC compatible reader.

9. A SDXC card cannot be used with Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows Me and Windows 98


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