40pin Vertical Integral PATA DOM (PATA Flash Module)

PATA DOM (PATA Flash Module)


The easiest way to add SSD reliability and speed direct to your motherboard.

The Integral PATA DOM (PATA Flash Module) can be inserted directly onto the motherboard via any PATA IDE interface to replace an HDD. Ideal for applications where reliability, speed, low power consumption and zero noise are paramount. This product offers designers an easy solution to integrate SSD into PC-based systems.

40pin Vertical Integral PATA DOM (PATA Flash Module)
40pin Horizontal Integral PATA DOM (PATA Flash Module)
44pin Vertical Integral PATA DOM (PATA Flash Module)
44pin Horizontal ATA Flash Module (AFM)
  • IDE Interface (female) 40 pin or 44 pin with PATA Control Signal
  • Available in MLC (Z Series) or SLC (E Series) depending on performance requirements.
  • 8GB to 64GB
  • Available in Vertical or Horizontal versions (All 40 pin PATA DOM are supplied with 4 pin LP4 power connector)
  • User can set to Master or Slave (using jumper pins. just like HDD)
  • Performance: Faster boot than HDD, Faster access to applications, enhanced productivity and increased efficiency
  • No mechanical parts
  • Highest reliability
  • Extreme shock resistance
  • Zero noise
  • No heat generation
  • Also known as PATA Flash Module (AFM)


Capacities available* 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB (Z Series), 8GB, 16GB (E Series)
NAND MLC (Z Series), SLC (E Series)
Form Factor AFM (aka Disk on Module)
Interface Standard Female IDE Connector        
ATA /IDE Module                                          
44-pin Vertical / Horizontal                         
40-pin Vertical / Horizontal
Signal  PATA
Length (mm)  40H = 55, 40V = 51, 44V = 45, 44H = 45
Width (mm)  40H = 30, 40V = 33.5, 44V = 27, 44H = 28
Height (mm)  40H = 9, 40V = 7.1, 44V = 7.7, 44H = 10.1
Weight (g)   
Sequential Speed (up to)**  R = 43MB/s, W = 36MB/s (Z Series), R = 45MB/s, W = 44MB/s (E Series) 
Operating Temp  0 to +70 C
Storage Temp  -25 to +85 C
Power Management  3.3V (power supply only for 40pin AFM)
ECC Algorithm Internal BCH 12bit/512 bytes ECC, Dynamic and Static wear leveling algorithms
Data Transfer Modes (up to) PIO Mode 6, Multiword DMA mode 2, Ultra DMA mode 5
Warranty  2 Years
Compliancy CE, FCC, RoHS
Packaged Weight  42g
Packaged Dimensions (mm)  L = 168, W = 60, H = 19

*The usable capacity for data storage is actually less than capacity listed, due to some space being used for formatting.

**The sequential speeds listed are based on internal testing. Actual performance may vary, based on your system and settings.

Note: This product is also known as PATA DOM (Disk On Module)


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Part Codes / EAN


8GB 40pin Horizontal INAFM8G40HMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405950
8GB 40pin Vertical INAFM8G40VMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405967
8GB 44pin Horizontal INAFM8G44HMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405974
8GB 44pin Vertical INAFM8G44VMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405981
16GB 40pin Horizontal INAFM16G40HMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405837
16GB 40pin Vertical INAFM16G40VMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405844
16GB 44pin Horizontal INAFM16G44HMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405851
16GB 44pin Vertical INAFM16G44VMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405868
32GB 40pin Horizontal INAFM32G40HMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405875
32GB 40pin Vertical INAFM32G40VMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405882
32GB 44pin Horizontal INAFM32G44HMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405899
32GB 44pin Vertical INAFM32G44VMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405905
64GB 40pin Horizontal INAFM64G40HMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405912
64GB 40pin Vertical INAFM64G40VMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405929
64GB 44pin Horizontal INAFM64G44HMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405936
64GB 44 pin Vertical INAFM64G44VMXB **END OF LIFE** 5055288405943

Part Codes / EAN

e series (SLC)

8GB 40pin Vertical INAFM8G40VSXE **END OF LIFE** 5055288407121
16GB 40pin Vertical INAFM16G40VSXE **END OF LIFE** 5055288407114

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