mSATA 6Gbps MO-300 MLC SSD


The Integral MO-300 mSATA III 6Gbps SSD delivers all of the advantages of flash memory technology for machines that support the mSATA interface. Designed for ultra-thin laptops, desktops and tablets, they address the need for low powered, compact storage without compromising performance and reliability of solid state drives.

mSATA 6Gbps MO-300 MLC SSD

Choose the mSATA SSD from Integral for your embedded system storage. It will speed up your daily OS bootup time and increase the speed of your applications, overall giving you the best experience of Solid State Computing.

Key Benefits:

  • mSATA is a small form factor SSD that is around 8 times smaller than the typical 2.5 inch SSD / HDD available
  • Ideal for adding storage to small form factor and embedded systems
  • SATA III super-fast performance delivered by the mSATA at 6Gbps
  • Extreme reliability and low power operation
  • The ideal SSD drive for embedding into new systems and existing hardware


  • Performance: Faster boot than HDD, Faster access to applications, enhanced productivity and increased efficiency
  • Fully compatible with devices and OS that support the SATA standard with mSATA interface
  • Non-volatile Flash Memory for outstanding data retention - less likely to fail than HDD
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Shock resistance - No moving parts enable the product to be used in tougher conditions


  • mSATA form factor with SATA III 6Gbps interface (backward compatible with SATA 3Gbps and SATA 1.5Gbps)
  • Ultra-efficient Block Management and Wear Levelling
  • Error Correction Code
  • Silent operation - Noiseless and low heat dissipation
  • Supports S.M.A.R.T. - Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology
  • Supports TRIM
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE and FCC tested
  • 3 Year Warranty


For full technical specification please see PDF spec sheet

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Part Codes / EAN

EAN 5055288435865
EAN 5055288435872
480GB INSSD480GMSA EAN 5055288435889

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