microSDHC memory card Class 4

Range: 4GB | 8GB 

Upgrade your multimedia mobile phone with an Integral microSDHC memory card. Store more images, music, ringtones, games, apps and video than ever before. Integral microSDHC are available with a massive 32GB capacity, so you can store hours of HD mobile video and carry a huge selection of music and apps on your smartphone.


microSDHC retail packaging
microSDHC + SD Adapter retail pack

microSDHC memory cards from Integral are a great accessory for your compatible smartphone, digital camera, tablet PC and MP3 player.

The Integral microSDHC memory card is available in three packages at Class 4 speeds:


  • High compatibility controller
  • 5 year warranty

microSDHC with SDHC Card Adapter

  • The supplied SDHC Adapter provides a massive increase in the versatility of the microSDHC card, now it can work in thousands of SDHC Card compatible digital cameras, camcorders, card readers, MP3 players, navigation systems and laptops
  • Backwards compatible with all SDHC devices
  • 5 year warranty

microSDHC with micro USB card reader

  • High compatibility controller
  • 5 year warranty (card), 2 year warranty (reader)
  • Supplied with a micro USB card reader, data from the microSDHC card to be transferred to a PC or Mac with much more speed and convenience than using smartphone cables. The card reader is small and lightweight, so can easily be carried on a key-chain or pocket


microSDHC Card specifications:

Size (mm) 15×11×1
Weight (g) 0.5
Pins 8
Voltage 2.7V - 3.6V
Form factor Micro Secure Digital High Capacity (microSDHC)
File format FAT32

  • The microSDHC Speed Class Ratings specify a minimum sustained write speed for microSDHC Cards
  • Integral microSDHC Class 4 cards meet or exceed the SD Card Association's Class 4 specification; providing more than 4 MB/sec continuous write speed


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microSDHC memory card with SDHC Adapter

4GB Class 4 INMSDH4G4V2 EAN 5039014163826
8GB Class 4 INMSDH8G4V2 EAN 5039014165691
16GB Class 4 INMSDH16G4V2 **END OF LIFE** EAN 5055288400795
32GB Class 4 INMSDH32G4V2 **END OF LIFE** EAN 5055288409149


microSDHC memory card

4GB Class 4 INMSDH4G4NAV2 EAN 5055288400528
8GB Class 4 INMSDH8G4NAV2 EAN 5055288400535
16GB Class 4 INMSDH16G4NAV2 **END OF LIFE** EAN 5055288400788
32GB Class 4 INMSDH32G4NAV2 **END OF LIFE** EAN 5055288409125


microSDHC memory card with micro USB Card Reader

4GB Class 4 INMSDH4G4NAUSBR EAN 5055288401297
8GB Class 4 INMSDH8G4NAUSBR EAN 5055288401303
16GB Class 4 INMSDH16G4NAUSBR **END OF LIFE** EAN 5055288401310
32GB Class 4 INMSDH32G4NAUSBR **END OF LIFE** EAN 5055288409132

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