New microSD Express format will provide fastest mobile memory to date

Mon, 25/02/2019


microSD Express format announced by SD Association

A new generation of microSD cards will enable memory-hungry applications such as 3D and UHD video and state-of-the-art games to run smoother than ever before. The microSD Express, announced by the SD Association today at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, will utilise the popular PCI Express® and NVMe™ interfaces to deliver up to 985MB/s data transfer and an advanced memory access mechanism respectively. microSD Express will be available on microSDHC, microSDXC and the upcoming microSDUC (Ultra Capacity) formats. The microSD Express format mirrors the SD Express format announced for full-size SD cards in June 2018.

“microSD Express gives the mobile industry a compelling new choice to equip mobile devices with removable SSDs,” says SDA president, Hiroyuki Sakamoto. “SD 7.1 prepares consumers and mobile device manufacturers to meet ever increasing storage demands for years to come.”

For more information, watch the announcement video from the SD Association below. Integral will be developing new microSD cards to take advantage of the possibilities opened by the microSD format, so be sure to follow us on our social media channels for latest announcements.



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