Introducing the Integral Pulse USB - this one is about style!

Wed, 11/01/2017

Full range of Integral Pulse USB 2.0 Flash Drives

Your data is as unique as you are, so don’t carry it around in something dull. Integral’s latest Pulse USB Flash Drive is both stylish and practical.

The black and neon coloured casing makes the Pulse USB stand out from the crowd and look great. The sliding case design conveniently protects the USB connector, so the drive doesn't require a cap. 

The perfect pocket accessory, the Integral Pulse USB 2.0 Flash Drive is a striking way to store your photos, videos, music and work. It’s compact and reliable, with vibrant colours that will compliment your own sense of style.

View the full Integral Pulse USB 2.0 range here.

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