Find your ideal server SSD with more capacity options for the SVR PRO range

Thu, 31/08/2017

Integral Memory SVR PRO server SSD new capacities

The performance and endurance benefits of integral’s SVR PRO series of enterprise SSDs are now available in a wider range of capacities to fit the scale and budget of any business.

Last October our partnership with Novachips resulted in the launch of the innovative SVR PRO range, featuring evolutionary daisy-ring architecture that enabled massive capacities of up to 8TB in one drive. The SVR-PRO 100 SRI SSD range was designed for Read intensive applications such as streaming and video on demand, while the SVR-PRO 200 SMW delivered incredibly high endurance for mixed workloads such as Tier 1 storage and online transaction processing.

The new capacity options, ranging from 100GB to 960GB, will make the endurance and performance benefits of the SVR PRO range accessible to a wider range of users who may not have the budget or the need for huge, multi-terabyte drives.

Find your ideal balance of capacity and performance by having a look at the SVR PRO 100 SRI and the SVR PRO 200 SMW today.

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