UltimaPro X2 CFexpress Cinematic Memory Card Type B 2.0

Range: 64GB | 128GB | 256GB | 512GB | 1TB | 2TB

Integral UltimaPro X2 CFexpress Type B 2.0 memory cards are designed for the Professional Photographer and Cinematographer. Perfect for High Speed capture of 8K RAW and Cinema RAW Light 5.9K.


  • Designed for the Professional Photographer and Cinematographer
  • High Speed capture of RAW 4K and Cinema RAW Light 5.9K.
    8K RAW and 4K 120 FPS
  • Excellent for Continuous Burst Mode Photography 
  • Quick Offloading of High Volumes of RAW Photos and Video for Workflow Efficiency


  • Industry leading 1700MB/s* Read and 1600MB/s* Write (11322x)
  • Sustained Write Speeds
    800MB/s (64GB, 128GB)
    500MB/s (512GB, 1TB, 2TB)
    400MB/s (256GB)
  • XQD Camera compatible with CFexpress firmware upgrade
  • Warranty 5 year
  • NVMe PCIe Gen 3x2 lane

*Based on internal testing; performance may vary depending on host device.

Please note:

  • CFexpress 2.0 memory cards should only be used in CFexpress 2.0 compatible devices
  • CFexpress 2.0 memory cards are NOT compatible with cameras and other devices that use Compact Flash memory
  • CFexpress 2.0, CompactFlash and CFast cards may look similar but they have very different interfaces, pin arrangements and should be treated as separate incompatible memory card formats
  • CFexpress Type B cards have the same dimension and connector as XQD cards. Some host devices may choose to update their XQD cameras to also support CFexpress Type B cards
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Part Codes / EAN

64GB INCFE64G1700/1600/S800 EAN 5055288446298
128GB INCFE128G1700/1600/S800 EAN 5055288446304
256GB INCFE256G1700/1600/S400 EAN 5055288446274
512GB INCFE512G1700/1600 EAN 5055288444621
1TB INCFE1TB1700/1600 EAN 5055288444638
2TB INCFE2TB1700/1540 EAN 5055288446175

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