UltimaPro X microSDXC 80/25MB Class 10 UHS-I U1

UltimaPro X microSDXC 80/25MB Class 10 UHS-I U1


Make sure your smartphone or tablet never runs out of space for more apps, images, music, games and videos. The Integral Ultima Pro X microSDXC memory card offers huge capacity and fast data transfer so you can take all your memories with you.

UltimaPro X microSDXC 80/25MB Class 10 UHS-I U1
UltimaPro X microSDXC 80/25MB Class 10 UHS-I U1 retail packaging
UltimaPro X microSDXC plus SD Adapter
available with USB 3.0 Card Reader


  • Ideal for smartphones, cameras and tablet PCs that support the microSDXC format*
  • Store more apps, images, music, games, and video on your tablet PC and smartphone than ever before. Integral microSDXC Class 10 has a massive 128GB capacity
  • A 128GB microSDXC memory card is large enough to record hours of FULL HD video on your compatible digital camcorder, camera and smartphone
  • Video files are no longer limited to 4GB in size because microSDXC uses the exFAT file format, which allows far greater file sizes than older FAT32 format used in microSDHC cards
  • microSDXC is the ideal format to save large high-definition photographs (jpeg or professional RAW still photography format)
  • Class 10 speed also enables faster data transfer from microSDXC to PC/Mac (using a compatible card reader) - makes photo and video editing much quicker and more enjoyable


  • High-speed data read / write, with up to 80 MB/s* read and 25 MB/s* write
  • microSDXC Class 10 (Micro Secure Digital eXtended Capacity)
  • UHS-I / UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed 1), Class 1 controller
  • exFAT file system (developed by Microsoft)
  • The SDXC Adapter supplied provides a massive increase in the versatility of the microSDXC card, now it can work in thousands of SDXC Card compatible digital cameras, camcorders, card readers and laptops
  • 5 year warranty

*microSDXC memory cards cannot be used in microSD/microSDHC compatible smartphones, cameras, camcorders, card readers or other devices. If in doubt please read our FAQ pages and your device manual before use.


128GB card available in a great value bundle with Integral's microSDXC USB 3.0 Card Reader


microSDXC Card specifications:

Size (mm) 15×11×1
Weight (g) 0.5
Pins 8
Voltage 2.7V - 3.6V
Form factor Micro Secure Digital eXtended Capacity (microSDXC)
File format exFAT

  • The microSDXC Speed Class Ratings specify a minimum sustained write speed for microSDXC Cards
  • Integral microSDXC cards meet or exceed the SD Card Association's Class 10 specification; providing more than 10 MB/sec continuous write speed
  • Up to 80MB/s read speed and up to 25MB/s write speed. Based on internal testing; performance may vary depending on host device


microSDXC memory card with SDXC Adapter

128GB Class 10 INMSDX128G10-80/25U1 **END OF LIFE**
EAN 5055288430006

microSDXC memory card with USB 3.0 Card Reader

128GB Class 10 INMSDX128G10-8025N3R **END OF LIFE** EAN 5055288430082



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