microSD memory card

Range: 2GB

With an Integral microSD memory card your mobile phone will be able to store more images, music, ringtones, games, apps and video than ever before. microSD cards are designed specifically for use in portable devices including mobile phones, digital cameras, tablet PCs and MP3 players.

microSD retail packaging
microSD + SD Adapter retail pack

The Integral microSD memory card is available in two packages:


  • High compatibility controller
  • 5 year warranty

microSD with SD Card Adapter

  • The supplied SD Adapter provides a massive increase in the versatility of the microSD card, now it can work in thousands of SD Card compatible digital cameras, camcorders, card readers, MP3 players, navigation systems and laptops
  • Backwards compatible with all SD devices
  • 5 year warranty

microSD Card specifications:

Size (mm) 15×11×1
Weight (g) 0.5
Pins 8
Voltage 2.7V - 3.6V
Form factor Micro Secure Digital (microSD)
File format FAT16


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microSD memory card

2GB INMSD2GNAV2 EAN 5039014167961

microSD memory card with SDHC Adapter

2GB INMSD2GV2 EAN 5039014162201


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