Integral SDHC Class 4 card with hard camera case

Card and Case Camera Starter Kit

Range: 4GB | 8GB | 16GB

The Integral Camera Starter Kits comprise of a SDHC memory card and a hard camera case. They offer great value and are the ideal accessory for a compact digital camera.

Integral SDHC Class 4 card with hard camera case
Integral SDHC Class 10 card with hard camera case

Choose from three card and camera case Starter Kits:

  • 4GB SDHC Class 4
  • 8GB UltimaPro 20MB/s SDHC Class 10
  • 16GB UltimaPro 20MB/s SDHC Class 10
A protective SDHC case is included with every kit.
The hard camera case will fit cameras up to the following camera sizes (approximately):
Length (mm) 105
Width (mm) 70
Depth (mm) 40

Memory card and camera case

SDHC Card specifications:
Size (mm) 32×24×2.1
Weight (g) 2
Pins 9
Voltage 2.7V - 3.6V
Form factor Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC)
File format FAT32

UltimaPro 20MB/s* SDHC Class 10
*Up to 20MB/s transfer speed (write speed lower), based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending on host device

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Part Codes / EAN

Memory Card + hard camera case 'Camera Starter Kit'

4GB INSDH4G4CASE-H EAN 5055288415973
8GB INSDH8G10-20CASE-H EAN 5055288417328
16GB INSDH16G10-20CASE-H EAN 5055288417335

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