Integral examine the new SD Express and SDUC memory card formats

Je, 28/06/2018

New SDUC and SD Express formats from SD Association

From the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, the SD Association has announced two new functions that will form part of the new SD 7.0 specification.

The first function is the SD Express format, which utilises popular PCIe and NVMe interfaces, known for high bandwidth and low latency storage, to reach speeds of up to 985 MB/sec. The new format will maintain backwards compatibility with the UHS-I interface while ensuring future SD cards can meet the demands of increasingly data-intensive applications such as 8K video recording and playback, super-slow motion video, 360 degree cameras and increasingly powerful gaming hardware.

The second function is the SD Ultra Capacity (SDUC) format, which will cover the highest capacity memory cards ranging from 2TB to a maximum of 128TB.

This new SD 7.0 specification will, according to the SDA, allow SD Express memory cards to serve as removable Solid State Drives.  

For more information on the SD 7.0 specification, watch the SD Association's official video below.

Integral will be developing new memory cards to add to our range that will take advantage of these latest SDA standards. 


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