CARDS - Will a SDXC card work in my camera or PC?

SDXC is only supported by SDXC compatible devices with the SDXC logo. 

Older devices which support SD and/or SDHC will not support SDXC.

SD Card compatiblity

SD devices are compatibe with SD Cards only.

SDHC devices are compatible with SD and SDHC Cards only. (All features may not be available with SD)

SDXC devices are compatible with SD,SDHC and SDXC Cards. (All features may not be available with SD and SDHC)

SDXC UHS-I cards can use a faster method of reading and writing called UHS-I (or UHS-1).  You will need a UHS-I compatible device to use the UHS-I feature.

Please see our SDXC Guide

CAUTION: To avoid data loss - Do not insert a SDXC card into a non-SDXC compatible device.

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