CARDS - What is Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Memory?

Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 1.0 is a new format of expandable storage developed by Samsung that offers data transfer speeds more than five times faster than current UHS-I microSD cards. UFS 1.0 cards are similar in size to the microSD format but will offer read speeds of up to 530 MB/s and write speeds of up to 170MB/s. It is predicted that a UFS 1.0 card will be able to read a 5GB full HD movie 5 seconds. This would take a standard microSD card more than 50 seconds.

The need for faster transfer speeds is becoming evident with the growing popularity of high-end devices such 3D VR cameras, drones, action cameras and powerful, high-resolution smartphones and tablets. While UFS 1.0 memory cards are not compatible with microSDXC, microSDHC and microSD slots, slots are in development that will be compatible with both UFS 1.0 and microSD formats, so it is unlikely that your microSD cards will suddenly become obsolete in the new generation of smart devices.

Integral will offer new Universal Flash Storage memory cards in 2017. 

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