Frequently Asked Questions - Secure360

If you have deleted the software or formatted your drive. Please download a copy. The software must be placed in the root directory of your USB drive. 

There are different software versions for Secure 360 V1 and Secure 360 V2.

For Secure 360 V1 you will need your license key. - If you do not have this please request a new one with our support form.  A license key is not required for Secure 360 V2

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The Secure 360 is a software encrypted device that allows a total of 10 invalid password attempts.

All data is erased once the maximum number or retries have been exceeded.

Data cannot be recovered once it has been erased by the device after failed password retries.

You should always keep a secure backup of your data and think about keeping a secure copy of your password.

We do not have any "back-door" tools to access password protected data.


INTEGRAL SECURE 360 V1 ("INTEGRAL" IN silver ) - end of life

Integral Secure 360 V2



Integral Secure 360 V1

The Secure 360 v1 software is compatible with the Secure 360 v2 Flash Drive

The Secure 360 v2 software is not compatible with the Secure 360 v1 Flash Drive.

Please note that the Secure 360 v1 Flash Drive is End of Life and is no longer supported by the Integral Support Team.

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  • The Secure 360 v1 is not compatible with the Mac OS. (This has INTEGRAL is in Silver)
  • The Secure 360 v2  is compatible with the Mac OS. (This has INTEGRAL in White)

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The main differences between the Secure 360 V1 and V2 are listed below

  Secure 360 V2 Secure 360 V1
OS Compatibility Mac and  Windows Windows Only
License Key Not Required Required

Software (Windows) Download V2 Software Download V1 Software
Software (MAC) Download V2 Software Not compatible with MAC
Status Current End of Life


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