USB - My Integral USB Flash Drive is transferring data at a very slow speed, what can I do?

You may be connected to a USB 1.1 port

  • Your Integral USB Flash drive may be connected to a USB 1.1 port. Ensure that your USB port support USB 2.0 otherwise your Flash Drive will only operate at the slower USB 1.1 speed on this port. 

Reformatting the drive may help

  • Backup all required data from the drive. Using your PC or MAC format the drive. Copy back the required data.

Shut down other applications and/or reboot system

  • Other applications may be causing the system to run slow. Save required data first.

Try another system

  • In case the current system is having performance problems or is infected.

Virus check your  USB drive and system

  • Errant programs may be slowing down your system

Try connecting the drive to a USB port on the PC

  • Using a hub or multiple hubs, may be causing speed and power issues.



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