CARDS - I need to reformat my memory card, which method should i use?

If you have a digital camera it is better to format your card in the camera. If you are using the card in a device other than a camera, we recommend the formatting of the card using a card reader, as described below:

If you are using the card in two different devices with different formats (e.g. a Digital Camera and a MP3 player) we would advise you to use two separate cards.

If formatting in the Card Reader (WARNING: FORMATTING CAN & WILL DELETE ALL DATA) please see you device or camera manual before proceeding with a format.

Be aware, by default Windows will format a memory card of 2GB or higher capacity to FAT32.


Formatting in a PC:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Open My Computer

Locate the drive letter of your memory card

Right-click on this drive

Select Format... (This will launch the Format Utility Window)

Under the option File System select FAT32

Click on the Start button

  • Press Start / Run
  • Type 'cmd' press the OK button
  • This will launch the MS-DOS window and prompt
  • Type format *: /fs:FAT32 or NTFS  (* represents the drive letter that windows recognises the card as)
  • Press return and follow the onscreen prompts
  • Once the routine is complete type EXIT




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