CARDS - How can I recover pictures from a memory card that has become unreadable?

If a card has become unreadable, DO NOT format the card if there is data on the card you wish to recover. If corrupt data has been written to a card, it still may be possible to retrieve data/images from the card.

In many occasions it is possible to use Data Recovery software to recover images or data from a memory card/USB Flash Drive that is no longer readable.

  • We have used "Photorescue" from Datarescue.
  • Available from:
    This information has been given in good faith and without any liability
  • There is a demo version for download that will show you if it can recover your images before you need to purchase the software.
  • Do a web search for "photo recovery software" and see what is available
  • If you have an INTEGRAL card please contact us using our web form 

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