READER - Do all the Integral Card Readers support SDHC memory cards?

Yes, all current Integral Card Reader, support SDHC memory cards. Older models pre 2007 will not.

USB 2.0 Multi Card Reader
USB 2.0 Mobile Card Reader
USB 2.0 microSD Card Reader
USB 2.0 SD Card & microSD Reader
USB 2.0 Single Slot SD Reader
USB 2.0 Single Slot CF Reader
USB 2.0 Single Slot xD Reader

  • With our Single Slot SD Reader, microSDHC and miniSDHC formats are supported with the use of an SDHC adapter.
  • Compatible adapters are supplied with Integral miniSDHC and certain microSDHC memory cards.
  • Please Note: Older Integral card readers such as the '6in1' and '8in1' do not support SDHC memory cards.


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