Frequently Asked Questions - CopyStation

Yes. The Integral Copystation is designed to do a bit-for-bit copy of your Source drive. This means ALL data and all partitions will be copied over regardless of file system or hidden/proprietary partitions.




It is not recommended to use ANY adaptors with the Integral CopyStation. Using adapters may damage your disk and/or the CopyStation.

  • Ensure the Destination drive is equal to or larger than the Source drive.  E.g if the drive you want to copy is 500GB (Source) the drive you need to copy to (Destination) needs to be 500GB or greater.
  • Ensure a HDD password is not set on either Source or Destination drive. The CopyStation cannot unlock a password protected drive
  • If the CopyStation still does not copy you will need to check the integrity of your drive using the tools for your operating system. Corrupt, faulty or infected drives may not copy correctly. Please see below

Windows XP: Use Check-Disk (chkdsk.exe). Follow the section "How to run Chkdsk from My Computer or from Windows Explorer" from this link

Windows Vista/7/8: Please see;

Apple Mac OS X (10) and above; Plug the disk into your Apple machine, Click "Go", select "Utilities" and launch "Disk Utilities", Identify and select the disk you wish to check, Under "First Aid" click "Verify Disk" followed by "Repair Disk" once


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