CARDS - My device does not recognise my Integral memory card. What is wrong?

  1. Make sure the memory card is not inserted upside down, this is a very common issue with memory cards in mobile phone handsets.
  2. Try rebooting/switching on your device with the memory card already inserted.
  3. Is your device SDHC / miniSDHC / microSDHC compatible? - many cameras, PDA's, mobile phone handsets and built-in card readers (on a PC) produced before Summer 2007 will not work with SDHC memory cards.
  4. Check the switch on the side of the memory card is not set to the "lock" position. If the memory card is locked; move the switch to the unlock position and then try again
  5. If you have a SDXC card you must use a compatible SDXC device. To use on a PC you will require a compatible device and a compatible operating system. Please click here to see our guide
  6. Try another memory card


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