Frequently Asked Questions - Bluetooth Adaptor

No. The Integral Bluetooth Adaptor will work using the plug and play drivers available on Windows XP/Vista/7 and Apple Mac OS 10.2.6 and above.

The Integral Bluetooth Adaptor is Bluetooth v2.0 compliant and will transfer data up to 3Mbps (Mega bits per second). This means you can transfer 15 ~ 18 large high quality pictures in one minute.

The Integral Bluetooth Adapter will connect and communicate with devices up to 20 meters away. Class 3 devices have a range of up to 1 meter and will not communicate with the Integral Bluetooth Adaptor if it goes beyond this range.

A Class 2 Bluetooth device refers to the specification of the chip used inside the device. Class 2 devices will have a power rating of 2.5mW (milliwatts) and an operating range of approximately 10 to 20 metres.

A Class 1 device will have a range of up to 100 metres and a Class 3 device has a range of 1 metre.

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